Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Northern Ohotsuku 100km Ultra marathon

North Ohotsuku 100 km Ultra Marathon (The North 100)

  • Where: Hamatonbetsu 浜頓別町
  • When: July 22, 2018
  • Distance: 100 km / 50 km
  • Apply by: June 27
  • Fee: 100 km / 17,000 yen  - 50 km / 12,000 yen.

100 km Starts at 5 am from in front of the Tamokuteki Arena
50 km Starts at 10 am  from in front of the Tamokuteki Arena
50k Route Map: http://latlonglab.yahoo.co.jp/route/watch?id=7bbe853afdff69cf781a3c0a7d13c1e5
100k Route Map: http://yj.pn/9XcKwA

Must be at least 18 years-old on day of the race.
Must be able to finish the 100 km in 14 hours
Must be able to finish the 50k in 9 hours.

Here is the table of times and distance athletes must pass in order to complete the race.
100 km Starts at 5:00 am.  Start and finish from in front of the Tamokuteki Arena
50 km Starts at 10:00 am.   Start and finish from in front of the Tamokuteki Arena

100 Km30km50km60km70km80km90kmGoal
50 Km10km20km30km40kmGoal

I really enjoyed the Saroma 100 km Ultra and I would love to do another one.

Event site: http://www.north100.jp/
Runnet: https://entry.dosports.yahoo-net.jp/tournaments/2123

Tobetsu Sweden (Half) Marathon


The first ever Tobetsu Sweden (Half) Marathon
(Tobetsu Suehden Marason)

Date: August 5, 2018
Place: Tobetsu-cho, Hokkaido
Tobetsu is a town near Sapporo, Hokkaido. There is a village in the town called Sweden Hills where the houses are built in a "Swedish Style."

Deadline: June 17, 2018
Fee: Half 5,000 yen, 3km 4,000 yen, Elementary aged children 2,000 yen.

On the guest list is Olympic gold medalist Takahashi Naoko!

Event website: http://www.tobetsu-sweden-marathon.com/
Runnet: https://runnet.jp/entry/runtes/user/pc/competitionDetailAction.do?raceId=187333&div=1

Course description: A tough hilly course taking you through the beautiful streets of Sweden Hills.

Otaru Canal Road Race

Otaru Unga Road Race

June, 17, 2018
(Every year on the third Sunday in June)

The 30th annual Otaru Unga Road Race is a half marathon that also has 10k, 5k and 2k distances which is run in the city of Otaru.  The "unga" in the title means "canal" as the race course takes you alongside the historic Otaru canal. 

Half, 10k - 4,000 yen
5k, 2k - 3,500 yen.

Deadline: Apply by May 7, 2018

Site webpage: https://www.city.otaru.lg.jp/simin/gakushu_sports/sports/unga_race/
Runnet : https://runnet.jp/entry/runtes/user/pc/competitionDetailAction.do?raceId=181813&div=1

There is a participation prize this year of a large memorial towel (60 cm x 120 cm).

Otaru is a great place to visit and there are various seafood and artisan shops near the canal.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Tsubetsu Koyo 10k Race Report

Hoa and Stephen, who were on a trip to Hokkaido, found a race on the blog and I helped them get registered for it. They sent in a race report. Its a race that I have never been to so I am grateful for their report.

Race report: Tsubetsu Marathon
Oct 1/2017

My husband and I booked a trip to Japan about a month ago. We did not intend to race, but stumbled across Clint's website on running in Hokkaido. There, we found a local race that happened to match our visit. Since we are foreigners from North America and don't read nor speak Japanese, race registration was a challenge. Luckily, Clint translated the information and liaised information to the race director on our behalf. We are so grateful for his kindness. 

It was clear skies, sunny, and a bit windy the morning of the race. Many runners and their families were there. It was a good mixture of school aged children and adults. We were warmly greeted by race officials. Package pickup was seamless. We received a race packet with information about the race, 2 race bibs, pins, number for draw prizes, and a voucher for lunch. The additional race bib was puzzling until we saw others pinning them to the front and back of their shirt. 

After package pickup, there was an opening ceremony to welcome runners and recognize race organizers. We were pleasantly surprised to be recognized as foreign runners and gifted Tsubetsu marathon towels! After a warm up, we were directed to buses that took runners to their designated start line. The race has several distances including 3k, 5k, 10k, and half marathon. We opted for the 10k. 

At the start line, some runners did strides/sprints to warm up, while others chatted with friends. Many of the school children ran in gym uniforms and/or team shirts. An interesting procedure was the roll call before the race. An official called each number sequentially and checked off who was "present". We had a good laugh knowing we didn't know the Japanese numbers being called out, so we looked for bib numbers close to ours and raised our hand on cue!

The race started on time at 10am. It was starting to warm up, but was breezy and the sun was on our back. Runners were instructed to stay on the left side of the road to allow traffic on the right. The route was supposedly a gradual downhill incline, but found it to be mostly flat with minor rolling hills. The backdrop was beautiful. We ran by farmland, surrounded by trees and mountains. Some leaves were starting to change colour.

There was 1 water station around the halfway point (5k). We were pleasantly surprised to see locals watching and cheering along the course! This was particularly encouraging the last stretch towards the finish line. The final 100 metres brought us back to the school grounds, the site of package pickup. A nice touch was the track marked by the various race distances. Upon crossing the finish line, we were given a cold, refreshing sports drink. It was perfect to restore electrolytes and to hydrate. The crowd cheered and some race officials offered their congratulation. 

There were lots of draw prizes. My husband won a food coupon. We chatted with a reporter and some locals as we enjoyed the post race meal of rice curry. Top finishers in each category received certificates and wooden plaques - very fitting as Tsubetsu is known as a leading producer of lumber. To my surprise, I placed in the race and achieved a PR. 

Overall we were very impressed with the race. It was clear to see that the organizers dedicated many hours to make the event run smoothly. We would recommend to locals as well as foreigners looking for something off the beaten path. We are grateful for this wonderful experience and the warm hospitality of this community. 

Hoa & Stephen 

School Grounds

Buses taking runners to their start lines

Lanes running to the goal on the school grounds, one for each distance.

The 10k start line

The locals

A lunch of curry and rice was provided and everyone ate together.

Winners received a wood plaque. 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Sapporo Half Marathon

Sapporo Half Marathon


(Sapporo marason)

Date: October 1, 2017
Place: Sapporo, Toyohira Riverside
Application period: 6/12 to 7/12.  Very early!

10km , 5km , 3km , 2km , 1km

Website: http://www.shsf.jp/satumara/

Monday, August 28, 2017

Tsubetsu Koyo Half Marathon

Enjoy the fall colors of Tsubetsu-cho!

Half marathon
Date: October 1, 2017
Apply by: September 1, 2017

Enjoy the wonderful fall colors of Tsubetsu.  Koyo means "fall colors" in Japanese and is written as 紅葉, or "red leaves".  Buses will take participants to the start and then it is a downhill run from there. This could be the place to get a PB! Buses leave from the Tsubetsu Elementary School play ground.  

Reception from 8:00 to 8:30 am.
Opening ceremony held at the Tsubetsu elementary school play ground at 8:40 am
After the opening ceremony, buses take runners to the start points of each distance.

Lunch is provided (curry) and you can enjoy having the hot meal with the other runners.
1,500 for adults
1,000 for high school and junior high school
700 for elementary school aged participants

You need to fill out the application and take the application fee to the 
Tsubetsu-cho Chuo Kominkan to apply for the race.  

You can bring it to them directly, or you can send it by Genkin Kakitome (現金書留) or Kawase (為替). You should be able to get these at a post office or a bank.
I added text boxes of English to the application form and am attaching the link to this post.
If you do this today, it should arrive on time by Friday, September 1.

Here is the address to send it to.
You can print it out and bring it with you when you mail your application.  

北海道網走郡津別町字豊永5番地1 津別町中央公民館内
TEL:0152-76-2713 FAX:0152-76-2477

Zip 092-0224
Hokkaido, Abashiri-gun, Tsubetsu-cho, Aza Toyonaga 5-banchi 1
Tsubetsu-cho Chuo Kominkan nai
Tsubetsu Koyo Marathon Taikai Jikoiinkai Jimukyoku

You can figure out your birth year in Japanese dates online.  Here is a good link I found.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Bunches of events in September and October!

Month/Day  Event Name  Deadline

9/10 Furano Trail Run and Picnic Deadline 8/18
Site link
10k, 30k

9/10 NAC Trail Run Deadline 8/28
30k, 10k 5k

9/10 Sweet Girl Run Deadline 8/18
For girls only! Looks like a lot of fun!
3k, 5.5k, 10k

9/17 Ohotsuku Half Marathon - Deadline 8/21
3k, 5k, 10k, half

9/17 Mt. Shari Road Race Deadline 8/15
Lots of ups and downs.
1k, 2k, 3k, 5k, half

9/23 Pipaoi Road Race Deadline 8/10
2k, 3k, 5k, 10k, half

9/23  Hokkaido Outdoor Festival in Rusutsu Deadline 8/25
Various trail runs, rogaining, and orienteering events.
50 mile, 60k, 30k, 15k, 5k

9/24 Ohotsuku - Abashiri Full Marathon Deadline 8/31
Course runs along the seaside.
3k, 5k, full marathon

9/24 Mt. Kozan Green Race Deadline 9/6
1k, 3k, 5k, 10k, 20k (two loops of the 10k course)

10/1 Tsubetsu Koyo Half marathon Deadline 9/1
http://www.town.tsubetsu.hokkaido.jp/01news/10oshirase/2017-0726-1913-3.html3k, 5k, 10k, half

10/8 Kitami Half Marathon  Deadline 9/8
http://www.kitami-halfmarathon.jp/2.5k, 5k, 10k, half

10/29  Mokotoyama Fukioroshi Downhill Half Marathon Deadline 9/29
5k, 10k, half

10/29 Food Valley Tokachi Half Marathon Deadline 9/19
2.5k, 5k, half

This event has filled up but it looks like fun.

10/1 Higashikagura BBQ 15k Run
3k, 8k, 15k

Limited information is included in the calendar entries. For more information, leave a comment. I try to post the deadlines for the races. The place where the race is held is also included. You can see where it is by clicking on the map link.