Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tokachi Healthy Marathon

* The Tokachi Healthy Half Marathon is no longer.  However, there is a new half marathon in Obihiro, Tokachi!  The Foodvalley Tokachi Half Marathon!

Tokachi Healthy Marathon
(Tokachi Kenko Marason)

When: June 24th
Apply by: June 4th
Where: Obihiro , Obihiro no Mori Rikujyo Kyogijo
Runtes No.: 00642
Runs: Half, 10k, 5k, 3k, family

Half 3000yen
10k 1500yen
5k 1000yen

Family division cannot apply through Runtes.

Can get an application from local authorities (city and town halls) in the Tokachi area (Obihiro, Makubetsu, Memuro, Otofuke etc)
Can apply by Runtes.

Apply to:
Tokachi Kenko Marathon Entry Office
Address: 060-0006, Sapporo-si, Chuo-ku, Kita 6-jo, Nishi 20-chome 2-3
Tel: 011-622-1100
Fax: 011-622-2800

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Biei Healthy Marathon

Biei Healthy Marathon 2007

20th Anniversary Race!
One of the most popular races in Japan! On the top 100 list.

When:June 10 (Sun)
Where: Biei-cho
Apply by: May 11th(Fri)
Type: Running
Runtes No.:00539
Races: Half, quarter, eighth

Fee: 3000yen
Event Homepage:

Run from Biei Shirogane Spa (onsen) to Maruyama Sports and Track and Field Park.
Lots of people cheering you on. The children really help with their cheers on the steep hill. Run down from the spa on a road lined with white birch. Beautiful. Lots of food stalls at the goal and plenty of space in the sports park to relax after the event. Biei itself is surrounded by rolling hills and is a beautiful area.

Course map available from event homepage.

Apply at Runnet.

Contact: 0166-92-3333
Hokkaido Kamikawa-gun Biei-cho Hon-cho 4-6-1
Biei-cho Yakuba

北海道上川郡美瑛町本町4-6-1 美瑛町役場内 

Monday, June 4, 2007

Chitose JAL International Marathon

(dai nijyunana kai Chitose jyaru kokusai marason)

Where: Chitose
When: June 3
Apply by: April 18
Runs: Full, half, 10k, 3k

Run on the unpaved forest roads around Lake Shikotsu (Shikotsuko) and on cycling roads. Elevation cahnge of 200m.

Water/drinks ever 5k
Mileage markers ever 1k
Places up to 6th
T-shirt and towel present
Service: drinks, potatoes, and a drawing for two to go to the Honolulu Marathon!

Race HP:

Apply to :
千歳JAL国際マラソン エントリーセンター
TEL 03-3714-7924
For more information: 千歳JAL国際マラソン実行委員会事務局 (Chitose jyaru kokusai marason jikkouiinkai jimukyoku) TEL 0123-24-2320 (Tue to Sat 8:45 to 17:15, excluding holidays)

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Hiro Santaland Marathon

Hiro Santa Land Marathon
Place: Hiro-cho, Daimaruyama Shinrin Koen

Run to the top of Daimaruyama while taking in the beauty of the park's thousands of Azalea's in full bloom.

Dist: 4.8k, 2.6k

Awards: Medals

Other: certificate of completion with your time one it, sports drink, a washcloth with a Christmas theme, a little notepad and a chalkbag.

Limited information is included in the calendar entries. For more information, leave a comment. I try to post the deadlines for the races. The place where the race is held is also included. You can see where it is by clicking on the map link.