Wednesday, January 25, 2012

All Hokkaido Cardboard Sled Derby

The All Hokkaido Cardboard Sled Derby is nigh!

Come on and get some serious air!

People coming to watch can also enjoy the food and free skiing and snowboarding all that day!


Date: Feb. 19
Deadline: Feb. 10
Place: Churui Hakugindai Ski Slope
What: A Cardboard Sled Derby
Fee: Cheap! (1000 yen per sled, 300 yen per participant)

Prizes galore!  Top prize is 100,000 yen!  Win home electronics! Bicycles! Smoked meats! Bags of Rice! Lilly bulbs! (for eating, "yurine")

Submit your sled designs now!  Start hoarding LARGE boxes!  Refill your cutter blades!
It's time!

We will need:
1- a sled design
1- a sled name
1- a team name
1 - theme music on CD, MD or casset (mp3 player has also been possible in the past)

I have the paperwork right here in my hot little hands.  So far three people have jumped on the 2012 sled. 

1. Danboard one on one time attack.
Build your best "danboard" (cardboard snowboard) and compete against other participants in a race to the finish.

2. Speed
Build your sled for speed.  Fastest time wins the event.  Nothing pretty here. Just make it sleek and aerodynamic.

3. Performance
This is where the money is!  Compete to see who can best exemplify the spirit of cardboard sledding.  Entries are judged on sled design, creativity, quality, rider's outfits, acting, appeal, and popularity.

4. Human Bowling
Just for fun but you have to apply.  Can apply day of the event.  Bowl yourself down the hill in a tube and aim for the headpin, poor sucker, and try to knock down as many pins as possible.

Performance sleds must be made out of cardboard, tape, glue, paint, paper etc only.  No metal, wood or plastic allowed.  Styrofoam and vinyl allowed.  Helmets required. (I have about half a dozen bicycle helmets of varying sizes. Mostly small.  )

I have included three photos of past years' TIEC sleds.  All of these sleds were made the night before I believe.  One night of pizza, cardboard, tape and creativity.  (and sleeping bags too)




Work will (probably) be done on the sled(s) in Satsunai at the White House.
You can come into Satsunai on the 18th and stay at the White House.
I will rent the White House from noon on the 18th until noon or 5pm on the 19th. 
In the past I have carried the sled to Churui.  However there is no guarantee that I will have the car this year again. If you have access to a kei truck or a mini van or something that has a large cargo area, we may need it to carry a sled or two. 

Please let me know if you want to join us in our sled making efforts.  We can make one performance sled like we have in the past or many sleds.

Also, if you want to get involved in the event and just need the paperwork, I can scan and e-mail the paperwork to you. 

Clint in McBets
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