Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hokkaido Marathon

This year I finally gone and done it!  I registered for the Hokkaido Marathon, the biggest and most famous marathon in Hokkaido.  I got my registration done around 4pm and the registration closed later that day when all the slots were filled!  Yes, they filled over 10,000 entry slots in one day!

I have been on a vacation from running due to a sore leg that won't get better.  I'm giving it 6 weeks to get better before I start training for the Hokkaido Marathon.

The Hokkaido Marathon is on the last Sunday in August on the twenty-fifth.  It is always a hot marathon, usually with the temperature hitting 28 degrees celsius or higher.  This will be a tough challenge for me just to prepare for and finish the race.  Even if my leg was 100% it would still be a difficult race for me to finish.  But, since we now have family living in Sapporo, we decided to go for it this year.  By "we" I mean myself and my mother in-law.

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