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Upcoming Races in Hokkaido

From Runnet.
Date: 2010/6/22
[RUNNERS] RUNTES大会予定一覧 Vol.74
┃R┃U┃N┃T┃E┃S┃ 大会予定一覧 ~今月の新規受付開始大会~

┗74号 2010年6月22日


15515 8月15日 北海道 第5回北海道・千歳・支笏湖ウルトラ遠足
Chitose - Shikotsuko Ultra Ensoku?(toashi?)
15610 8月22日 北海道 第29回北方領土ノサップ岬マラソン
Nosappu Misaki Marathon (half and 10k)
15514 8月22日 北海道 第5回青葉公園・陸上競技場マラソン
Aoba Koen - Rikujo Kyogijo Marason and Age Group Championships (Don't know what this one is)
16151 8月22日 北海道 第24回ビホロ100kmデュアスロン
Bihoro 100km Duathlon - Bike and Run

15494 9月5日 北海道 第30回石狩サーモンマラソン
Ishikari Salmon Marason
15336 9月20日 北海道 たきかわコスモスマラソン2010
Takikawa Cosumosu Marason 2010 - half, 10k, 5k family
15614 9月23日 北海道 第19回ピパオイヘルシーロードレース
Pipaoi Healthy Road Race and Bibai-shi Half Marathon
15916 10月3日 北海道 第35回札幌マラソン
Sapporo Half Marathon (same day as Betsukai Pilot Marathon and 5k)
15858 10月3日 北海道 第32回別海町パイロットマラソン
Betsukai Pilot Marathon (Full and 5k)


■8月15日 第5回北海道・千歳・支笏湖ウルトラ遠足
Chitose - Shikotsu Lake Ultra
北海道 千歳市 Chitose
(コース特徴)Course Description
多少起伏のあるサイクリングコースを走る A cycling road with a few hills.
Enjoy the great outdoors surrounding lake Shikotsuko.
Three cars will provide you with drinks and your special drinks as you run.

■8月22日 第29回北方領土ノサップ岬マラソン
Nossapu Misaki Half Marathon
北海道 根室市 Nemuro City
(コース特徴)Course Description
A flat course with a view of the pacific and a small hill right before the goal.
Enjoy a view of the islands in dispute. Have a refreshing and hard run across the northern land.

■8月22日 第5回青葉公園・陸上競技場マラソン兼年代別選手権
Aoba Park - Track and Field Marason and Age Group Championships
aoba koen rikujokyogijo marason hei nendaibetsu senshu ken
北海道 千歳市 Chitose City
(コース特徴)Course Description
A flat running course that goes through primitive forests.
大自然の懐の中楽しくランを! 自然を愛する人たちに来てほしい! 
Enjoy the great outdoors. If you love nature you'll love this race. The goal is waiting for you!

■8月22日 第24回ビホロ100kmデュアスロン
Bihoro 100km Duathlon
北海道 美幌町 Bibai-cho
(コース特徴)Course Description
A downhill start and an uphill finish for the run and a fairly flat course for the bike.
A personal cycling and running endurance race between you and the road. Take home the Bihoro Medal and a commemorative photo along with your certificate of completion.

■9月5日 第30回石狩サーモンマラソン
Ishikari Salmon Marathon
北海道 石狩市 Ishikari-shi
(コース特徴)Course Description
A flat course running through the cit of Ishikari.
An at home event with a state of the art system ready to give you your certificate of completion immediately after you finish. You will appreciate the support from the crowds.

■9月20日 たきかわコスモスマラソン2010
Takikawa Cosumosu Half Marathon 2010

北海道 滝川市 Takikawa-shi
(コース特徴)Course Description
A flat course that starts in front of the JR Takikawa Station, run through the town and along the Ishikari and Sorachi rivers.
A chance to win an invite to the NAGO Half Marathon!

■9月23日 第19回ピパオイヘルシーロードレース
Pipaoi Healthy Road Race and Bibai-shi Half Marathon


北海道 美唄市 Bibai-shi

(コース特徴)Course Desctription
A flat course takes your through rural landscape.
Challenge yourself on this half marathon course, which is registered with JAAF under an autumn sky.

■10月3日 第35回札幌マラソン
Sapporo Marathon

北海道 札幌市 Sapporo-shi
(コース特徴)Course Description
The course takes you through the heart of Sapporo and along the Toyohira river.

A half marathon in Hokkaido's largest city.

■10月3日 第32回別海町パイロットマラソン
Betsukai-cho Pilot Marathon (full and 5k)

北海道 別海町 Betsukai-cho
(コース特徴)Course Description
The course takes you through wide pasture lands and is mostly flat, with a very slight rise on the way out and a slight downhill on the way back that is not noticeable when you run.

Betsukai is famous for its dairy products and you'll have plenty of opportunity to try them out before and after the race. The locals really welcome the runners and you'll enjoy their warm reception as you pass through fields where dairy cattle graze and giant rolls of hay give messages to cheer the runners on. Plus, you get a giant towel and a salmon when you finish the full marathon!

■ 北海道エリアのエントリー可能な大会はこちら
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hokkaido - Tokachi Trail Running cancelled

The event held in Shimizu at the Tokachi Sen'nen no Mori (十勝千年の森) was canceled for this year and will be held
again next year. The course takes you on roads that run through forests and fields
used for dairy cattle. The race was canceled to prevent the spread of
hoof and mo...uth disease which doesn't infect humans, but which humans can spread "by carrying the germs on their clothes and body." (Wikipedia)

Here is a capture of the newspaper article announcing the cancellation.
Limited information is included in the calendar entries. For more information, leave a comment. I try to post the deadlines for the races. The place where the race is held is also included. You can see where it is by clicking on the map link.