Saturday, November 3, 2012

Shikaoi Trail Run

Well, I missed the deadline for the Nosappu Misaki half marathon in Nemuro but I don't think I'll miss the deadline for this one.

The Shikaoi Trail Run will have its third running on Saturday November 3rd

The run starts and ends at the Nishikami Farm and takes you through a wild ride through forests, over wood chip trails, across several small rivers and through green pastures.  The farm also has a cafe and furnace for cooking bread or pizza and they have strawberries.  Loads and loads of strawberries that you can buy or pick yourself.

Place: Kanko Noen Nishikami in Shikaoi
Put on by the Shikaoi-cho Sogogata Chiiki Sports Club "Wakko".

8:30 Opening Ceremony
9:00 Start
13:00 Awards Ceremony

23k   fee 3,000yen
12k   fee 2,000yen
5k    fee 1,000yen (500 for children)

Apply by:  October 15 (Monday)

Apply by post or fax, pay by making a deposit to their account at
〒081-0223 河東郡鹿追町南町2丁目40番地(和田)
Tel/Fax (0156)66-2438
Inquiry/Questions can be made by telephone after 9pm.

Bank account
帯広信用金庫 鹿追支店 店番006 口座番号1047907

Trekking poles not allowed
Be prepared for the cold.
Long tights or other leg covering should be worn to protect against cuts and scrapes.

You can find more information in Japanese and the application form at the Shikaoi town website by navigating to the following link:
*Note: updated the link.  ;-)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Saroma Lake 100k Ultramarathon

The Saroma Lake 100km Ultramarathon
Held every year in late June.

100km and 50km divisions.

One of the most popular and celebrated ultra-marathons in Japan.
Run with close to 5000 others around the beautiful Saroma Lake.

Apply by February 11, 2013

Date: June 23rd, 2013
The last Sunday in June.

This is a fantastic event and I can't say enough about it. There are so many people on the course that you are almost never running alone. That alone helps a lot. There is either a water stop or a water and food stop every 2.5km. The support of the other runners and of all the volunteers on the course is phenomenal. This is one of the most famous and well attended ulras in Japan for good reason.

People who have completed this ultra 10 times get preferred treatment. If you are in Japan for the long haul, why not give it a try in 2014 or 2015?

Official Homepage

City of Kitami - in English


Please click on the Saroma label for the most up-to-date information on this race.  Also be sure and check the comments.
Date: June 23, 2013
Application period: Mid January to Mid February.
100k Start 5 am
50k   Start 10 am

Course: It is a mostly flat course at sea level with a few undulations that I wouldn't call "hills" per say around the 80k mark. It takes your from the north side of Saroma Lake down to the southeast side.

You start on the Yubetsu side at the Yubetsu Sogo Taiikukan (Gym) and end at the Tokoro side in Kitami at the Kitami Tokoro-cho Sports Center.

1. Be able to run 100km within 13 hours or 50km within 8 hours.
2. Athletes cannot participate in wheelchairs.
3. Must be at least 18 years old on the day of the event.
4. Foreign athletes can participate in either the JAAF Registered class or the non-registered class.  However, if you are a registered runner with the athletics federation in your own country, you can participate in the registered runners division if you have a certificate showing your current status as a registered runner in your own country.

(I don't know much about registering with JAAF but you don't have to registered with them to run the race.  .)

You must past the following points within the allotted time or you will be asked to remove your bib and get on a bus to be carried to the finish.

5 am Start

Elapsed Time
10 am Start


More information:

1.         You will get your bib number and runner's pack when you check in either the day before or two days before at the reception area at the Yubetsu-cho Sogo Taiikukan Arena.
2.         Aid stations every 5 km with sports drinks, bananas, candy, dried plums (for electrolytes), chocolate etc, Water only spots ever 2.5km
3.         At the 55 km mark, in front of the Hotel Grantia Saroma there will be a rest station where you can have a bag delivered to. You can use this area to change your shoes and clothes etc. There will be changing tents available. Food and drinks and toilets will also be available.
4.         There will be two special bags of different colors provided to put your stuff into. One to be delivered to the finish, and one to be delivered to the rest station in front of the Hotel Grantia Saroma.
5.         Paramedics will be on hand in case of emergencies.
6.         Participants in the 100 km divisions MUST finish reception/check in by either the DAY BEFORE the race or two days before. This is usually done at the start, at the Yubetsu Sogo Tai’ikukan (gym).

Athletes living outside of Japan who want to participate can use their foreign address on the application forms

I will be adding more information and updating this page as time permits and when it gets closer to the application start in January 2013.

To be translated: Schedule for the event Fri thru Sunday.

受付 湧別総合体育館「アリーナ」

受付 湧別総合体育館「アリーナ」

開会式/前夜祭 湧別文化センター「さざ波」
100kmの部スタート 湧別総合体育館
50kmの部受付 佐呂間町100年広場
50kmの部スタート 佐呂間町100年広場
表彰式 北見市常呂町百年広場
閉会式/さよならパーティー 北見市常呂町スポーツセンター

Monday, February 27, 2012

Upcomming Races in Hokkaido

Long time no see.  A few upcoming races in Hokkaido.

May 20, 38th Annual Lake Toya Marathon
5月20日 第38回洞爺湖マラソン2012

Entry starts March 1st.

Where: Toyako-cho

This flat course takes you around Lake Toya with views of Mt. Yotei and the smoking Mt. Usu. A beautiful course to run in the spring time with pink and white blossoming trees lining the course.

If you go up a day early you can camp lakeside and save some cash while enjoying what nature has to offer. We always do.


June 3rd,  32nd Chitose International Marathon
6月3日 第32回千歳JAL国際マラソン

Where: Chitose-shi

The relatively flat course is on wood-chipped trails and cycling paths and the road going around Lake Shikotsu.  A nice place to run.

Also in May are
5月4日     札幌市     第2回 日刊札幌駅伝    
May 4, Sapporo, Nikkan Sports Ekiden
5月5日    札幌市     日刊スポーツ豊平川マラソン 
May 5, Sapporo, Nikkan Sports Toyohira River Marathon

5月13日    苫小牧市、千歳市、安平町     ノーザンホースパークマラソン2012
May 13, Tomakomai, Chitose, Abira, Northern Park Marathon 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

All Hokkaido Cardboard Sled Derby

The All Hokkaido Cardboard Sled Derby is nigh!

Come on and get some serious air!

People coming to watch can also enjoy the food and free skiing and snowboarding all that day!


Date: Feb. 19
Deadline: Feb. 10
Place: Churui Hakugindai Ski Slope
What: A Cardboard Sled Derby
Fee: Cheap! (1000 yen per sled, 300 yen per participant)

Prizes galore!  Top prize is 100,000 yen!  Win home electronics! Bicycles! Smoked meats! Bags of Rice! Lilly bulbs! (for eating, "yurine")

Submit your sled designs now!  Start hoarding LARGE boxes!  Refill your cutter blades!
It's time!

We will need:
1- a sled design
1- a sled name
1- a team name
1 - theme music on CD, MD or casset (mp3 player has also been possible in the past)

I have the paperwork right here in my hot little hands.  So far three people have jumped on the 2012 sled. 

1. Danboard one on one time attack.
Build your best "danboard" (cardboard snowboard) and compete against other participants in a race to the finish.

2. Speed
Build your sled for speed.  Fastest time wins the event.  Nothing pretty here. Just make it sleek and aerodynamic.

3. Performance
This is where the money is!  Compete to see who can best exemplify the spirit of cardboard sledding.  Entries are judged on sled design, creativity, quality, rider's outfits, acting, appeal, and popularity.

4. Human Bowling
Just for fun but you have to apply.  Can apply day of the event.  Bowl yourself down the hill in a tube and aim for the headpin, poor sucker, and try to knock down as many pins as possible.

Performance sleds must be made out of cardboard, tape, glue, paint, paper etc only.  No metal, wood or plastic allowed.  Styrofoam and vinyl allowed.  Helmets required. (I have about half a dozen bicycle helmets of varying sizes. Mostly small.  )

I have included three photos of past years' TIEC sleds.  All of these sleds were made the night before I believe.  One night of pizza, cardboard, tape and creativity.  (and sleeping bags too)




Work will (probably) be done on the sled(s) in Satsunai at the White House.
You can come into Satsunai on the 18th and stay at the White House.
I will rent the White House from noon on the 18th until noon or 5pm on the 19th. 
In the past I have carried the sled to Churui.  However there is no guarantee that I will have the car this year again. If you have access to a kei truck or a mini van or something that has a large cargo area, we may need it to carry a sled or two. 

Please let me know if you want to join us in our sled making efforts.  We can make one performance sled like we have in the past or many sleds.

Also, if you want to get involved in the event and just need the paperwork, I can scan and e-mail the paperwork to you. 

Clint in McBets
Limited information is included in the calendar entries. For more information, leave a comment. I try to post the deadlines for the races. The place where the race is held is also included. You can see where it is by clicking on the map link.