Sunday, June 3, 2007

Hiro Santaland Marathon

Hiro Santa Land Marathon
Place: Hiro-cho, Daimaruyama Shinrin Koen

Run to the top of Daimaruyama while taking in the beauty of the park's thousands of Azalea's in full bloom.

Dist: 4.8k, 2.6k

Awards: Medals

Other: certificate of completion with your time one it, sports drink, a washcloth with a Christmas theme, a little notepad and a chalkbag.

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レイン・クリント (Clint Lane) said...

This was the 40th year of the race!Two race distances. 4.8k and 2.6k Race. Women are not allowed to run the 4.8k race! It was a very small event. There were no signs up or anything at all advertising the race. There were about 60 or 100 people there. There were 3 people in the 30's Men's race and 6 in the women's race and about 11 in the over 40's race. Top time was about 19 minutes for the men and about 13 for the women. No adult participants from Hiro. 28 junior high school boys, all of who belonged to the Hiro Judo Club.

A bus takes you to the starting point in front of the school lunch center. You race to the top of Mt. Daimaru(yama). Then there is a bus to take you back to the main event square. Place winners get medals. Everyone gets a certificate of completion with their time hand written on it. You get a sports drink at the end of the race. There were no other special events or services. The staff was very friendly and it was a very homey event.

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