Sunday, July 1, 2007

Pineshiri Tozan Marathon

Pineshiri Tozan Marathon

Run up Mt. Pineshiri and back!

Place: Shintotsukawa 新十津川


Entry to the first 300 applicants
Fee: 3,000yen
Apply to: Call or send a letter to the organizers to get an application
Apply by: June 9th
Prizes: Local produce (2006 was melons and tomatoes)

Reception: July 1st 7:00 - 7:45
Start: Furusato Koen Event Space ふるさと公園イベント広場 9:00
Accomodation: There is a campling ground and a place to stay (training center) just a few 100 meters from the Furusato Koen Event Hiroba.
(cannot apply through Runnet)

Other: Printed record of your time, photos sent to you in the mail, milieage markers, water and sports drinks every 5km, nurse on hand. There is a spa (onsen) just a few 100 meters from the finish at the Furusato Koen Event Hiroba. You get a ticket to use the spa.

HP: ピンネシリ登山マラソン
This is a run up Mt. Pinneshiri. It is 22.5km to the top. You run to the very top and then turn around and run back. From the top you can see all the mountains and valleys below. It is a beautiful site. They take your picture at the top. The staff is very friendly.

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