Monday, August 20, 2007

Ganbaro Yubari Festival

Ganbaro Yubari Festival

A race to help out the failing City of Yubari, the home of Yubari Melons. Yubari is trying hard to restructure in the face of bankruptcy.

Courses: Half, 5k
Fee: 1000
Apply by 7/30

This also marks the 30th anniversary since the making of the movie "Kofuku no Kiiroi Hankachi", roughly translated as "Yellow Handkerchief(s) of Happiness". The course will be decorated with yellow handkerchiefs in celebration.

All finishes will get to eat some of the famous Yubari Melon!

The event will aslo be tying up with "24 jikan terebi Ai ha chikyu wo suku" and the race and charity events will be broadcasted to all of Hokkaido and all over Japan.

The day before the race will be a viewing of the movie and BBQ along with many other attractions.

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