Sunday, August 16, 2015

Nosappu Cape Marathon

Nosappu Cape Marathon
(Hoppo Ryodo Nossapu Misaki Marathon)

Place: Memuro, Nosappu Misaki
北海道芽室 納沙布岬
Date: August 16
Apply by 7/17

Running: half, 10k

Run from the Northern most point of Hokkaido into Memuro.

This is a race to raise awareness of the Northern Territories problem.

Past participation prizes include T-shirts, towels and baseball caps.

Various prizes given for other things in the closing ceremony. Drink and soup and some food after the race. See the ocean as you run.

I don't have time to do this justice, but I really enjoy this race.  The views of the ocean are great and the soup at the end is delicious.  We always go a day early and enjoy a crab dinner the night before the race.




Blair said...

Hahahahahah.. Found your page completely by random clint! thx google!

Clint said...

What were you looking for?

Clint said...

After breakfast we all loaded into our micro-bus which took us to the Nemuro City Hall. There we got on much larger buses that carried us off to Cape Nosappu. Reception and the opening ceremony were held at the cape and then we were able to get back onto the buses which carried us to the starting line. One for the Half and one for the 10k. It was a straight course to the Nemuro City Hall. The course was full of hills and we were running into a headwind. It was hot. 76 degrees F, 25 degrees C. Doesn't sound too hot but it was too hot for me running in the sun. I got a half body sunburn. Most courses are out-and-back or loop courses so you get baked on both sides.
All along the way there were people watching and cheering us on. Especially, when we entered Nemuro, the numbers of people cheering us on increased as we made it down the last 4k to the killer hill at the end before entering the roundabout at city hall.
After finishing you were able to get a drink, some crab soup and some rice balls if you handed in your meal ticket. Inside city hall they were printing out certificates of completion?? with your time on it. There was a closing ceremony, awards ceremony and a lottery. Every year they give a prize to the person who came farthest for the race. Next year, if I go, I'm writing America instead of the town I'm living in. Since I can't place, that's about all I can do to take something home.

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