Monday, November 2, 2009

第18回釧峠駅伝大会 (2009)

At the Start

It was raining and about 2℃.

This is at the 4th transition area where I was waiting to get the sash. The rain had stopped and the temperature had warmed up a lot. It was now about 10℃.  I jogged 4km to warm up. The top teams had blown through awhile ago and we were just hoping that our man would make it to the transition area before a 30 minute gap had been gained by the top team.  If the top team is 30 minutes ahead of you before you make it to the transition area, they send your next runner on with a different color sash and you lose your team time.

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Me waiting to take the sash.

Taking the Sash

After the finish.  A snapshot with the ercTokachi team and I.
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