Thursday, March 24, 2011

Obihiro no Mori Aquathlon

Obihiro no Mori Aquathlon Taikai

Date: May 15 (Sun)
Place: Obihiro no Mori Shimin Pool
Apply by: 4/16
Apply to: TTU十勝トライアスロン連合事務局
Kamada Bicycles
Obihiro-shi Higashi 7-jo Minami 4-chome 1

Official HP:
Kamada Bicycle Club

 I just received this information on the Obihiro no Mori Aquathalon.
Here is the application form and the details of the event.  It is a swim and run event (aquathalon).  There is a short, middle and long division with the long division being a 1500m swim and 13km run.

You must put the time that you think you will finish the swim down on the application and they will try to put you in an appropriate group for the swim start.

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