Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Northern Horse Park Half Marathon

Northern Horse Park Half Marathon.
Where: Tomakomai City
When: May 15, 2011
7k Trail Run
Half Marathon
Child and Parent Fun Run

7000 yen for the half marathon
10,000 yen for entry into both the trail and the half together.

Buffet available on the day of the race to entrants.
Pre-race dinner the night before ( not free).

T-Shirt to all entrants
Free shuttle bus to onsen.
Top 6 runners in each category (not for Child parent entrants) gets part ownership of a race horse(?).

Lottery drawing for invitational entry into the Tanigawa Mari Half Marathon in Tokyo. This is for Hokkaido residents only.
Lottery drawing for invitational entry into the Honolulu Marathon for ladies only.

You can donate to the Association for Aid and Reliefe (AAR), Japan charity to help refugees and to help fund the removal of land mines when you apply.  The Tanigawa Mari Half Marathon is also a charity marathon that donates to the AAR. 

Entry Period/Deadline:
February 4 to April 15, 2011

Event Date: May 15, 2011

Call 03-5280-0155 for more information (10am to 6pm weekdays)
Call 03-371407924 to request pamphlets.

There is an entry free to get into the Northern Horse Park for people not entered into the race.
You can apply for the race on runnet.jp. Runtes No:02585

Official Homepage

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