Sunday, May 19, 2013

Karikachi Trail Run

Karikachi Trail Run
2013 狩勝トレイルランニング大会

The course takes you over an old railroad path from more than 100 years ago and down forest access roads.

Distance: 20k, 10k, 4k
Apply by: April 25

Apply by fax or through the organizer's website at

Fee: 3,500 yen for 20 and 10k, 1500 yen for 4k.

We are seeing more and more trail runs popping up here in Hokkaido.  Have you run one yet?

Three others that come to mind are Niseko, Shimizu and Shikaoi.

Plus, there is an ultra trail this year with distances of 110k, 100k and 72k and 36k, the
MAMMUT CUP Mt TAISETSU Trail Journey (大雪山ウルトラトレイル) in July.

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