Sunday, November 8, 2015

2015 Fall races

A lot of the races are on the calendar, especially those with a fixed repeating date or day like the last Sunday of October. (Apply by deadlines are in parenthesis.)
  1. 9/27 Hokkaido Trail Running in Rusutsu (8/25)
  2. 9/27 Kozan Green Race 20K (9/16) (Trail)
  3. 10/4 Okoppe Chichi no Sato Half Marathon (8/31)
  4. 10/4 Santa Land Ogon Road Half Marathon
  5. 10/4 Sapporo Half Marathon (Mid July)
  6. 10/4 Betsukai Pilot Marathon (7/31)
  7. 10/11 Tokachi Trail Running in Honbetsu (8/31)
  8. 10/11 Tomakomai Half Marathon (8/21) 
  9. 10/11 Kitami Half Marathon (9/11)
  10. 10/11 Terry Fox Run & Walk 
  11. 10/12 Kenko Matsuri Furubira Road Race (Mid September)
  12. 10/12 Kenko (Half) Marathon in Sapporo
  13. 10/18 Shikaoi Trail Run (30k, 12, 5k) (9/24)
  14. 10/18 Hokkaido Onuma Great Run & Walk (August)
  15. 10/18 Urakawa Pisukari Half Marathon (Mid September)
  16. 10/25 Nissan Cup Rikubetsu Kogarashi Half Marathon (until early October)
  17. 10/25 Gokibiru Trail 30k (Application starts 8/1 on Runtes)
  18. 11/1 Foodvalley Tokachi Half Marathon (9/30)
  19. 11/8 Sapporo Sayonara Half Marathon
There are some Ekiden and possibly other races that I have missed.  If you know of one, let me know in the comments!


Clinton Lane said...

Here is a short list of upcoming races whose application deadline has passed.
9/20 Tanno Curry Rice Marathon
9/20 Eniwa 10k (恵庭マラソン)
9/20 Sapporo - Shikotsuko Ultra Challenge 70k.
9/20 Ohotsuku Half Marathon
9/21 Chitose - Shikotsuko Ultra Marathon (100k, 80k, 70k, 50k, 40k)
9/23 Bibai Half Marathon and Bibaoi Healthy Road Race
9/27 Asahikawa Half Marathon (deadline 7/21)
9/27 Yokaichi Mikaku Half Marathon (7/21)
9/27 Ohotsuku - Abashiri Marathon (7/17)

KTeo said...


Am wondering whether you still update this blog on the running events?

We are planning to visit Hokkaido 23/9/16 - 2/10/16, and would like to join an event preferably trail (but road run is ok) for Sapporo area or Asahikawa area (where we would be concentrating our hiking at). Any good recommendations?

I read that last year you have Asahikawa Half Marathon last Sunday of Sep 2015, and a Sapporo half marathon for Sapporo Autumn Festival. Are those events going to happen at the same time this year?

Thanks a lot

Clinton Lane said...

Most of the races repeat every year on the same weekend (Ex. 4th Sunday of June) or holiday and have application deadlines of at least a month in advance.
Applying for the races while living overseas often requires the assistance of someone living here. There are more and more trail races these days. You might be able to find something.
I tore a hamstring and haven't been looking at the races. That's why the blog hasn't been updated. I will try and update the blog soon.

jimmyay said...

Thanks so much for your reply. Can't wait for your updates in ur upcoming posts! Get well soon!

Limited information is included in the calendar entries. For more information, leave a comment. I try to post the deadlines for the races. The place where the race is held is also included. You can see where it is by clicking on the map link.