Sunday, October 4, 2015

Bekkai Pilot Marathon

Bekkai Pilot Marathon

October 4th
(The first Sunday of October every year)

Full, 5k

Run down the Pilot Road lined with rolling hills and contented cows. Famous for dairy products, you get milk, ice cream and other complementary dairy products at the party the night before. You can also watch the two mascot cows take off at the start of the marathon.
There are only two distances, the full 42.195k and a 5k. At the end of the full, finishers get an extra large beach towel and a whole salmon as their reward. Not much to do in Bekkai but enjoy the views and the food.

You can get all of the details, in detail from this page.

Full Starts 10:00
5k Starts 10:45
Time limit for the full is 5 hours 20 minutes.

Oct. 4th
Bekkai Choei Rikujyo Kyogijo (The Town Track)

Last call for the full: 9:30-9:45

Time limits:
10k: 11:10(70 min)
20k: 12:20 (70 min)
30k: 13:30 (70 min)
40k: 14:50 (80 min)
Goal: 15:20
Total: 5 hours 20 minutes

Full 5000
5k 2,000

Participation prize:Dairy products from Bekkai, certificate of completion, 5k split times for those who completed at least 20km.
Finisher's Prize: Original Extra Large Bath Towel, 1 Bekkai Salmon.
Sorry, 5k finishers don't get a salmon.  If you want the fish, you gotta finish the full!

There are also several nice prizes for the top placers in each category (mens, womens, age).
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