Sunday, August 21, 2016

2016 Nosappu Cape Half Marathon

第35回北方領土ノサップ岬マラソン  ハーフ 10km ほか

Where: Nemuro City
When: August 21, 2016
Apply by: July 8, 2016
Last year 706 people participated.

From Runnet:
【開催日】 2016年8月21日(日)
【エントリー】 受付中
【前回参加者数】706名 ※先着順
runners at the start of the race


Running: half, 10k

Run from the Northern most point of Hokkaido into Memuro.

This is a race to raise awareness of the Northern Territories dispute.

Past participation prizes include T-shirts, towels and baseball caps.

Various prizes given for other things and a lucky drawing during the closing ceremony. Drinks and soup and some food after the race (rice balls, candy etc). See the ocean as you run.

I don't have time to do this justice, but I really enjoy this race. The views of the ocean are great and the soup at the end is delicious. We always go a day early and enjoy a crab dinner the night before the race.

The event website:

Direct link to the event on Runnet:

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