Thursday, March 23, 2017

Upcoming Deadlines

How is your running life going?  Mine has not been so well these last couple of years.  Let me give you some advice, stretch and strength train!  Do it!  Don't be lazy.  You won't save time by just running if you get hurt and then can't run at all.

First I'd like to introduce the Hokkaido Runners group on Facebook.  People are starting to introduce running events in Hokkaido in this group.  Join if you can.  It might provide you with timely information not on this blog.  By the way, the group is not affiliated with this blog in any way.
Here is the link:
Or search for "Hokkaido Runners" on Facebook.

June 11, 2017

Oka no Machi Biei Healthy Marathon 2017
For the 30th anniversary of this event they have added a 30 km option however, the 30 km event is already filled up. Entry for the half is open until April 10.

A few notes.  This is a one-way course.  They bus you up to the Shirogane ski slope and you run downhill from there.  They give you a big plastic bag to put your jacket etc in before the start.  You have to give that bag to the staff who are loading them into a truck to take down to the finish.  If you give them your bag, you can't get it back.  Just remember that.  It is a good event and one that I have always enjoyed.  The plastic bags are branded and reusable and you usually get a towel as a participation prize.

August 27, 2017

Hokkaido Marathon 2017

Application for this popular full-marathon opens on April 2 at 6 pm and closes a few hours later when all the slots fill up.  There is a full marathon and a 11.5 km event. There is also some related family running events the day before.  
This is one of the hottest races in Hokkaido.  I mean, it is always really hot on the day of the event.  It is also the most famous and well-known marathon in Hokkaido.  There is a generous 5-hour time limit to finish the race but don't attempt it unless you are well prepared for running 42.195 km in the heat.  It is definitely worth the experience.

That is all that is on my radar now.  I won't be running in any events until, if I'm lucky, November. I need to do my stretching and strength training and try to get my bod fixed, healthy and strong.  Good luck to you!

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