Monday, April 16, 2007

Date Spring Marathon

春の合宿村まつり 春一番伊達ハーフマラソン
Date Spring Marathon
(haru ichiban Date hafu marason)

Date: 4/15 (Sun)
Apply by: March 17
Where: Date City
Half, 10k, 5k, 3k
Fee: Half (21.097km)=3,000yen, 5k/10k=2,000, 3k=1,000

Apply to/Request information: Date-shi Kyoin Shakai Kyoiiku-ka Taiiku Gakari

You can also apply by Here is a link to the race on runnet:
春の合宿村まつり 春一番伊達ハーフマラソン

Other: printed record of your results, distance markers, nurse on staff, changing rooms.

Perks: Towel, pork soup, a drawing and some food stalls.

The last two years we went it was raining and snowing. It is a nice course partially along a cycling road. We won some flowers in the drawing. You can use the community hall there (which looks like an old Japanese castle) for keeping warm and using the toilets.

Link to Date City's page about the marathon.

North: Sobetsu
West: Abuta
Date East: Date and Noboribetsu
South: Muroran

Coordinates: 42°28′23″N, 140°51′48″E

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