Sunday, May 13, 2007

Obihiro no Mori Aquathalon

Obihiro no Mori Aquathalon Taikai

Date: May 13 (Sun)
Place: Obihiro no Mori Shimin Pool
Apply by: 4/21
Apply to: TTU十勝トライアスロン連合事務局
Kamada Bicycles
Obihiro-shi Higashi 7-jo Minami 4-chome 1


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レイン・クリント (Clint Lane) said...

Race Report.
I went to the Obihiro no Mori Aquathalon (帯広の森アクアスロン大会) on Sunday, May 13th.

The weather wasn't too bad. There was a bit of snow that soon gave way to a warm rain. A bit strange weather I guess. This is a no frills race and it seems a bit expensive to me but I really enjoyed it. After the swim you take off for a two lap run of 13km. The staff is posted on the corners and on dangerous areas with wireless radios. As you come around to finish the first lap they call out your name and number, where you are from and cheer you on for the final lap. At the finish you are given a sports drink and some cookies that are wrapped up in a little bag and tied to a string. They put it around your neck as if it were a medal. I don't know if the cookies were any good, my little girl ate them. They have prizes for up to 3rd place and then a "jump" prize for any one who placed a multiple of 5. So 5th, 10th, 15th, 25th etc. I placed 17th so I didn't get anything. They had water for the run.

Participants: ~100

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