Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mokoto - Lake Kussharo Trail Run

Mt. Mokoto and Lake Kussharo Trail Run

A low impact trail run.

Date: October 20, 2013
Apply by September 20, 2013

A trail run and trail walk competition.
See the details at their homepage (Japanese)

The longest event is 26km.  With shorter runs and walks.  Children in 4th grade and up can join some of the shorter events.

It looks like this one might be a bit more difficult to apply for since it doesn't use a 3rd party service like Runnet to apply.
You can download a form and fax in your application.   You will have to pay by bank transfer, essentially, by sending money to their account.  The account information is on their website as well as a sample of how the form might look like filled in.

This is an event I've had my eye one for a while.  I still won't be able to run the event myself because of family duties, but maybe someday.

Treking pole are not allowed.
I believe you need to bring/carry your own cup or bottle for getting water from the aid stations.

You'll probably want to wear long tights and gloves and BEAR BELLS to be safe.  The sasa can cut your skin.

They have promotion videos (PV) at the website.  Check it out.

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