Sunday, October 27, 2013

Shikaoi Trail Run

The Shikaoi Trail Run will have its fourth running on Saturday October 27th

The run starts and ends at the Nishikami Farm and takes you through a wild ride through forests, over wood chip trails, across several small rivers and through green pastures. The farm also has a cafe and furnace for cooking bread or pizza and they have strawberries. Loads and loads of strawberries that you can buy or pick yourself.

Place: Kanko Noen Nishikami in Shikaoi
Put on by the Shikaoi-cho Sogogata Chiiki Sports Club "Wakko".

8:30 Opening Ceremony
9:00 Start
13:00 Awards Ceremony

23k fee 3,000yen
12k fee 2,000yen
5k fee 1,500yen (700 for children)

Apply by: October 4 (Friday)

Apply by post or fax, pay by making a deposit to their account at
〒081-0223 河東郡鹿追町南町2丁目40番地(和田)
☆振込先☆ しかおいトレイルラン実行委員会

Tel/Fax (0156)66-2438
Inquiry/Questions can be made by telephone after 9pm.

Bank account
帯広信用金庫 鹿追支店 店番006 口座番号1047907

Trekking poles not allowed
Be prepared for the cold.
Long tights or other leg covering should be worn to protect against cuts and scrapes.

I have not been able to find a link for this and I have lost our own applications but I someone was kind enough to upload a PDF of the application, in color! So they must have gotten it from the source, wherever the source is. I was not able to find it on the Shikaoi Town website like last year.

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