Thursday, May 12, 2016

Overseas Entry for Abashiri - Ohotsuku Marathon

It looks like JTB has started a service to allow people to apply for races from overseas.  I did a search on their site and only found the Abashiri marathon for races in Hokkaido.  Hopefully more races will hook up with this service in the near future.

You can find the page for the Abashiri - Ohotsuku marathon (Sept 25) here:

2016-09-26 Update:  Please check the comments on this post for more information about the event.
Supernova has provided us with a link to the English guide for the race.

If for some reason that file gets taken down, here is a backup:


Supernova said...

I was so happy to see the JTB Sports Station logo at the Abashiri Marathon website and had already applied for entry. The entire process was a breeze. Just like my previous entry for the Toyama 2015 Marathon through JTB.

In contrast, the JAL Chitose Marathon which I had just completed last Sunday was really difficult to apply for through Runnet. Had to get a Japanese friend whose address I used, to forward the race bib collection letter to my hotel. I had arrived in Hokkaido not knowing if I would receive the letter and whether I could end up running! But everything turned out well. The weather was sunny and the 34km of forest trail was a change from the road races that I had previously done.

Clinton Lane said...

Supernova, thanks for the information. It IS difficult to apply for races in Japan from overseas. It is funny that the JAL Chitose "International" Marathon is not easier to apply for.

KTeo said...

Hi Clinton,

Sorry for "hijacking" this post. I am just wondering whether there are any services in Japan that can enable us overseas participants to join their run by providing a japanese address for them to mail the race entitlement before our arrival?

We are a company of 4 coming from Malaysia and would love to join the Sapporo Half Marathon (now full, so if possible we will join in the 10km run) in 2 Oct, but we will only be arriving on 24 Sep.

Would appreciate any kind of advice :-) Thanks!

Best Regards,

Clinton Lane said...

Do you have any contacts in Japan? You could do it like Supernova did (See Supernova's post above). I know of any services for that. I THINK that you have to have a Japanese method of payment like a credit card or a bank account in Japan. Supernova, can you confirm this?

Clinton Lane said...

"I DON'T know of any services for that."

Supernova said...

Hi Clinton,

I could use my non-Japanese credit card to make payment on Runnet for the marathon and later on Allsports for the photographs.

Update on Abashiri Marathon which is 3 days away. I received the race pack collection notification by email a few days ago. Came with a link to the English version of the marathon guide which is not found on the Abashiri Marathon home page.

They serve wagyu at 33km!


Clinton Lane said...

Supernova, thanks for the link to the English guide. It looks like fun marathon although I think all of the Genki aid stations might slow a runner down! I'm sure I would slow down long enough to get a bite of wagyu.

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